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What is a TracKey™?
The TracKey™ is a Bluetooth Low-Energy device that works with Bluetooth 4.0 ready smart devices (iOS 7.0 and Android 4.4), such as iPhone 4s and above, iPad 3 and above, Samsung S4 and above, etc. It communicates with the free TracKey™ App and has three different functions: it works as a key finder, anti-lost alarm and camera remote shutter.
What does the TracKey™ kit contain?
  • TracKey™
  • Keychain
  • User’s manual
  • Extra battery – CR2016
How do I set up a New TracKey™?
  • Download and install the application from Apple App Store or Google Play by searching “trackey”.
  • Press the button for 3 seconds to activate TracKey™. The buzzer will beep and the blue LED indicator will flash three times.
  • Open the app, click to open the list, click to connect to Trackey™.
  • Rename TracKey in the app. (for example “Car Keys”)
What can I use TracKey™ for?
Attach the new TracKey™ to your keys, dog’s strap, your kid’s favorite toy or any other valuable item you do not want to lose.
  • Activation of the Key finder / Locator: Tap the Scan icon in the app to connect with the Trackey™, then tap the icon to locate TracKey™.
  • Remote shutter: Tap the camera icon to launch the camera in the app. Press the button on the TracKey™ to make the phone take a picture or a video.
  • Anti-lost Alarm: When TracKey™ goes out of safety range, the app will alert you with a sound, vibration and flash. An alarm can be set on the TracKey™ application, on the phone or both. In iOS the alarm can be shut off by shaking the smart device.
How do I replace the TracKey™’s battery?
  • Unscrew the outer shell.
  • Replace the CR2016 battery. Please mind the polarity!
  • Close and tighten the outer shell.
How much is the working time of TracKey™?
If Disconnected, TracKey™ can be found by a phone 7 days / 24 hours, up to 2 years;
If Connected with a phone 7 days / 24 hours, up to 1 year.
Can I use TracKey™ in extreme weather conditions?
Yes, you can use it within big temperature range: from -20 degrees Celsius up to +70 degrees Celsius.
What is the TracKey™’s working range?
TracKey™ works within a 35 meter distance.
How loud is TracKey™’s buzzer?
The buzzer is 70dB. (It is as loud as an average vacuum cleaner).
Can I use TracKey™ without the app downloaded on my phone?
No, you cannot. The application is free and TracKey™ cannot be used with installing and running TracKey™ App on your phone!
What is the estimated delivery date?
Delivery time is usually 1-3 business days.
What type of battery is used to work the TracKey™?
The battery type is CR2016 and you have one for free in the kit.
What is the best way to keep TracKey™’s life longer?
Keep the TracKey™ dry and away from moisture and corrosive materials. Also do not disassemble, attempt to repair, try to modify or adapt this product.
Are there any specific important safety instructions?
Yes. The package contains small parts and should not be used by children without adult supervision. In case children swallow or get choked by these small parts, consult your physician immediately!
What else do I need to know when using TracKey™?
  • 1. Locating the Phone: Press the button on the TracKey™ to find the phone.
  • 2. Location History: When the connection is broken, the TracKey™ App will add a pushpin on the map. It will inform you when and where the TracKey™ was lost.
  • 3. Mute Function: Available only for iOS devices.
  • 4. “Do Not Disturb” Mode: Once switched on, the smart device and the TracKey™ would not alarm, regardless of the connection.
  • 5. Security Mode: When connected to Wi-Fi, the TracKey™ Application can be muted for a certain time. The smart device and the TracKey™ would not alarm you with a sound even when the connection is broken.
Where can I read more information about TracKey™?
For more information, download the manual of TracKey™ here.

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